Water Jet cutting is a process used to cut materials using an abrasive gamet and a jet of pressurized water (+ - 4000bar), enabling almost any material (0.1 to 100mm thick) to be cut accurately and with a good clean edge finish. (max size 3m x 1.5m)
Advantages of water jet cutting :

  • Cold cut without stress to the material
  • No distortion or hardening or material
  • less waste due to small kerf width and part messing
  • stacked layers can be cut – reducing cost
  • virtually burr free – no post machining
  • high accuracy & repeatability
  • almost any material cut to any shape or design

steel, stainless steel, aluminium, marble, granite, glass, ceramic material, composite materials, foam, rubber, leather, shimstock, titanium and many more can be cut.